Scaffold Services

New Builds and Extensions

Scaffold for a new build or extension can be designed from plans or from a site visit. We understand that there are often different stages to a new build or extension.


Whether you are doing touch ups, painting one side or painting a whole house we ensure the scaffold is built to reach every part of your job.

Edge Protection

We offer edge protection with handrails only or with full walking platforms. Whether it is a re-roof, chimney removal, skylight work, roof paint or gutter replacement our edge protection is what you need. It is easy to add a loading bay onto the edge protection to load up the roofing iron or remove a chimney.


Whether you are replacing windows or doing a full reclad, we can customize the scaffold to your needs.

Loading Bay

Great if you need a strong platform for loading materials like a re-roof, chimney removal or a new build.  Great for trucks to crane materials directly onto the loading bay.

Access Towers

Great if you need to get access to an area you just can’t reach.  Our access towers are mostly used for air conditioning installs, window replacements and for viewing platforms.

Stair Access

Need temporary stair access, let us build you a customised stair access that is built for purpose.  Stair scaffolds are great for setting up stair access for emergency exits, temporary access onto sites or into buildings.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap protects your project from all weather conditions which can increase your working hours. Shrink wrap can be used to encapsulate your project for weather tightness, or to prevent dust, dirt or hazardous materials like asbestos from escaping.  We use white 250-micron wrap to protect you from the Wellington winds, rain and sun (often all in one day) while letting through maximum light.


Great for containing debris while working on your project, shade protection or as a visual barrier.

Bird Cage

Great for working inside high areas, ceilings, access for structural steel, roofing perlins and building decks. Our bird cage scaffold gives you access to reach every corner.


If you need to temporarily support a structure for renovations, a new build or earthquake strengthening let us help you with propping needs.  All propping is designed by an inhouse Layher Engineer.

Scaffold Demolition Chute

If you are struggling with a standard demolition chute and need something different, let us help you with a customised scaffold chute lined with plywood.

Cantilevered Scaffold

We can build a cantilevered scaffold if you have obstacles in the way or your scaffold can’t touch the ground.

Hanging Scaffold

We can hang a scaffold 2 metres or 20 metres from a structure.  Hanging scaffolds are great for bridges and drilling rigs.


We can design and build a scaffold for a drilling rig for retaining.  These are often used for concrete spraying or retaining and terracing hillsides.

Drilling Rig for Retaining

We can design and build a scaffold for a drilling rig for retaining.  These are often used for concrete spraying or retaining and terracing hillsides.

Catch Fan

A catch fan is a scaffold built in the shape of a fan to catch falling debris for pedestrian safety.  These are often used while erecting or dismantling scaffold or in between scrimming.

Raker Bays

Raker bays are used to supporting scaffold and/or other objects eg walls of a building, block walls.  Raker bays are often used on a new build when cladding or painting and you don’t want the scaffold tied into the building.

Scaffold Demolition Wall

We can build a demolition wall to allow you to demo your job safety without debris or dust getting through.

Vehicle Ramp/Digger Access

We can customise a ramp to give you vehicle/digger access onto your project.

Temporary Structure

Whether you want to put up temporary signage, advertising one day, or are setting up a retail stall we can help with temporary structures.

Council Permits/Corridor Access Request

If your scaffold needs to be on Council land you need to have a permit called a Corridor Access Request (CAR).  Let us take care of all of this and organise temporary traffic management to divert pedestrians while the scaffold is being erected and dismantled.

Power Lines and Tiger Tails

If the power lines are within 5 metres of our scaffold you will need a tiger tail installed on the power line for safety.  If you don’t have time to organise this then we can organise this for you with our preferred electrical company.

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